wp-1465097589885.jpgDJ Services for multiple events, such as:  Wedding ceremonies, Wedding Receptions, Sweet 16 birthday parties,  dance clubs, live performances, proms, house parties, and any custom event.

Custom Music Production:  If you need to have one of our featured producers create music for you, contact below.

Promotions:  Hosting artist showcases, band/artist promotions, hip hop concerts, comedy nights, karaoke



Equipment rental:  We offer up to 4200 watt Powered Speaker systems, lights, projector and screen, and microphones for an affordable rate!!


Film and video production, creating, directing:  We can write, or direct your next video or film project!  Check out the touched movie page to see some of the scenes we are working on!




If you have any questions, please email us at or use the form below: